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The SHX series that enables ultra-low energy ion implantation with high accuracy, high quality, and high beam current

The advances in micro fabrication for LSIs are continuing at a pace of one generation every 2 or 3 years. For logic platforms, a 14-nm node has been completed and sub 10-nm node devices have already been developed today. Accordingly, technologies required for ion implantation are continuing to advance to higher levels of accuracy especially in the area of high-current ion implanters.

SMIT’s SHX series lineup includes the single-wafer type high-current ion implanter which controls implantation damage and implantation distribution using its proprietary beam control technology, in addition to the batch-type high-current ion implanter featuring an extremely high-reliability implantation system. With these products, we offer high-accuracy, high-quality, and high-productivity ion implantation technology.

As a single-wafer type high-current ion implanter, the SHX-III adopts a combination of beam scanning and mechanical scanning for the first time in the world, achieving incredibly high-accuracy implantation and high productivity at an ultra-low energy which are essential for the production of cutting-edge devices. Although many thought it would be too difficult to scan a beam with a high-current implanter while maintaining a high beam current at an ultra-low energy, the SHX-III achieves both of them with its unique beam line using a newly developed electrostatic scanner for a high current beam, collimating lens, and so on.

The SHX-III has the following three major functions which allows it to achieve high-accuracy implantation uniformity across the wafer surface, which is indispensable for the manufacture of cutting-edge devices.

  • • Excellent beam homogeneity in the beam scanning direction (horizontal direction) using the ion beam parallel optical system with bilateral symmetry
  • • High-accuracy beam parallelism using the ion beam parallel optical system with bilateral symmetry
  • • A wafer scanning mechanism that maintains a certain point as the intersection of the beam axis with the wafer surface

Using the final-stage energy filter based on an electrostatic field and magnetic field, the SHX-III ensures a high-purity, sufficiently strong beam current with no energy contamination even with extremely low energy implantation.


Product FeaturesPICK UP

  • Support for 300-mm wafers
  • Applicable to next-generation processes (20 to 22-nm nodes)
  • Energy range: Min. 0.2 keV / Max. 60 keV
  • High beam current at 200 eV without energy contamination
  • High productivity at low to medium doses with high throughput
  • Compact design that contributes to minimizing the footprint
  • The MIND system that contributes to improved productivity and yields in the entire process by compensating for unevenness that has occurred in other processes
  • High reliability and easy maintainability
  • Excellent plasma shower system for preventing the charging of wafers
  • Uniform beam size and beam divergence angle, high degree of beam parallelism, and reproducibility achieved across the wafer surface
  • Equipped with SMIT’s proprietary energy filter that ensures high energy purity and current value equivalent to drift mode implantation with extremely low energy
  • Metal contamination and cross contamination reduced to a minimum

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