High-Current Ion Implanter MC3-Ⅱ / MC PRODUCTS Product Information


A de facto standard of high-current ion implanter featuring a post-deflection acceleration system, covering up to some medium-current range and supporting various applications.

SMIT’s lineup of high-current ion implanters includes, in addition to the SHX series single-wafer type high-current ion implanter, offering high-accuracy, high-quality, and high-productivity ion implantation technology, the batch-type high-current ion implanter NV-GSDIII-180, supporting up to 180 keV of implantation energy and enabling high-dose implantation.

The NV-GSDIII-180 covers the range in which productivity falls when a medium-current ion implanter is used for high-energy, high-dose processes required for power devices, and hence enables high productivity.

Continuing the high reliability transfer system and dose control accuracy of the GSD series, the NV-GSDIII-180 reduces the down time and achieves satisfactory implantation uniformity and reproducibility even in low-dose processes.


Product FeaturesPICK UP

  • Supports for 5, 6, and 8-inch wafers
  • Supports for a wide range of implantation energy, from 2 to 180 keV (equipped with a post-deflection acceleration mechanism)
  • Reliable batch transfer system
  • Highly effective throughput
  • Reliable high-dose control accuracy
  • High beam quality with low metal contamination and low cross-contamination
  • High reliability, high maintainability

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