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Japan’s only ion implantation system manufacturer that has developed four models of semiconductor device manufacturing systems.

SMIT is the only ion implanter manufacturer in Japan which has developed four models of semiconductor device manufacturing systems.Our ion implanters were developed and manufactured by taking the advantage of high technological capabilities that are only available from us in Japan, and have a track record of delivery to all semiconductor device manufacturers in Japan.
We are also focusing on export to semiconductor device manufacturers in Asian countries including Taiwan, which has been growing rapidly in recent years.

In the semiconductor device manufacturing system business, the ability to speedily develop technologies keeping in step with rapid technological innovation in semiconductor processes is a lifeline. In addition to such technological strengths, we focus on quality and customer support as well enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

01 High-Current Ion Implanter HC / High Current


SMIT’s lineup includes, not only the batch-type high-current ion implanter featuring an extremely high-reliability implantation system, but also the single-wafer type high-current ion implanter which controls implantation damage and implantation distribution using its proprietary beam control technology. With these products, we offer high-accuracy, high-quality, and high-productivity ion implantation technology.

02 Medium-Current Ion Implanter MC / Medium Current


SMIT provides easy to use, high-reliability medium-current ion implanters which enable a wide range of parameters to be controlled accurately. These implanters ensure excellent beam homogeneity in the beam scanning direction (horizontal direction) and high-precision beam parallelism thanks to the parallel optical system with bilateral symmetry.

03 High-Energy Ion Implanter HE / High Energy


SMIT provides high-energy ion implanters which use a multi-stage RF linear accelerator system. We have also started to provide a single-wafer ultra-high energy implanter that enables ion implantation in an ultra-high energy range exceeding the range covered by conventional high-energy implanters and that achieves ion implantation with unprecedented accuracy.

04 All-in-One Ion Implanter SAion


SMIT provides an all-in-one ion implanter featuring a wide energy dose range covering the combined ranges of conventional medium-current and high-current ion implanters and enabling many of the implantation processes in semiconductor device manufacturing to be processed with the implanter. With more than double the beam current in almost all the operating ranges (when compared to a medium-current ion implanter), this ion implanter achieves a significant improvement in productivity.

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