ABOUT About Us

Our mission is to contribute to society through our products and services.
Playing a role in changing the world in an extremely specialized field, ion implanters,
we continue to challenge ourselves every day without being satisfied with the status quo.
On this page, you can learn about Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co., Ltd. (SMIT).

GREETING Greetings from the President

"Customer opinions" and "technology to provide to this" are our top priority.

VISION Business Principles

“Challenge,” “Technology,” and “People.” While thinking of customers’ demands as the number one priority, we will continue to challenge ourselves to create a prosperous future.

COMPANY Corporate Profile

Here we introduce the profile of SMIT, which is engaged in development, manufacture, sales, and services related to ion implanters.

ORGANIZATION Organization Chart


Since its foundation in 1983, SMIT has been developing, manufacturing, and delivering various new technologies and products to the world.

OFFICE Office List

Here you can see a list of our offices, plants, support centers, and service centers distributed across Japan and overseas.

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