VISION & MIND The Desire of SMIT


Contributing to the advancement of IT in the world by being fully committed to providing the cutting-edge technology to our customers.

Among the cutting-edge semiconductor micro fabrication technologies, ion implantation especially requires advanced technological capabilities. We aggressively use cutting-edge technology to improve our technological capabilities and thereby continue to create a de facto standard on the global stage.

SMIT develops and manufactures ion implanters, which are used to manufacture semiconductor devices that are installed in essential electrical appliances used in our daily lives, such as computers, mobile phones, and household electric appliances. As the leading manufacturer of ion implanters for semiconductor manufacturing in Japan, we provide high-current, medium-current, and high-energy ion implanters that support the manufacture of advanced semiconductor devices.

We use cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning with the aim of further improving our technological capabilities in ion implantation, which requires especially advanced technological capabilities among the cutting-edge semiconductor micro fabrication technologies. SMIT will continue to provide high-accuracy, high-quality ion implanters so that the de facto standard in Japan becomes a de facto standard in the world.

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