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EDTM / Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing

2018 EDTM

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Shiro Ninomiya Novel Technique for Production-Yield Enhancement of Semiconductor Devices MC, HC, HE, HCMC, Application

IIT / International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology

2016 IIT

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Makoto Sano Change of V-Curve Behavior Depending on Ion Angle Deviation in Channeling Condition MC
Yoji Kawasaki Sheet Resistance Dependence on Ion Angle Deviation MC
Haruka Sasaki Method of Beam Energy Adjustment by Using Beam Parallelism HE
Shiro Ninomiya A Beam Quality Control Method in SAion Ion Implanter HCMC
Shiro Ninomiya High-Accuracy Two-Dimensional Intentional Non-Uniform Dose Implant: MIND 2.0 MC, HE
Kazuhisa Ishibashi Intentional Two-Dimensional Non-Uniform Dose Implant with High Dynamic Dose Range MC

2014 IIT

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S. Ninomiya SEN’s SAVING Techniques for Productivity Enhancement HC
S. Ninomiya Symmetric Beam Line Technique for a Single-Wafer Ultra-High Energy Ion Implanter HE
S. Ninomiya Precise Beam Angle Control in the S-UHE, SEN’s Single-Wafer Ultra-High Energy Ion Implanter HE
M. Sato Estimation of Plasma Density Distribution in IHC Source by Means of FEM Calculation MC, HC, HE
K. Watanabe Introduction of the S-UHE, a Single-wafer Ultra-high Energy Ion Implanter HE
N. Suetsugu Introduction of the SAion, a 450mm Ion Implanter Series, Covering Medium Current and High Current Regions MC, HC
G. Fuse Doping Mechanism of Helium-based Plasma PD

2012 IIT

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Shiro Ninomiya F-SAVING System; Productivity Improvement for the SHX-III HC
Yasuharu Okamoto More Universal Dose Patterns by Single-Step Ion Implantation MC,HC
Masazumi Koike Introduction of the MC3-II/GP System, Medium Current Ion Implanter with Enhanced Multi-Charge Beam Current MC
Shiro Ninomiya MILD System: Maskless Implantation for Local Doping HC
Makoto Sano Change of Fluorine Distribution Depending on Multi-Implant Conditions HC

2010 IIT

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Shiro Ninomiya A Productivity Improvement Method on SEN’s Single-Wafer High-Current Ion Implanter, the SHX Series HC
Noriyuki Suetsugu Demand for Image Sensor Devices on High Energy Implantation and Solution with the UHE, an Higher Energy Implanter HE
Shiro Ninomiya Manufacturing-Phase Application of SEN’s MIND System MC application

2008 IIT

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Michiro Sugitani Introduction of the SHX-III System, A Single Wafer High-current ion implanter HC
Michiro Sugitani Introduction of the MC3-II/WR System, an Extended Energy Medium Current Ion Implanter MC
Fumiaki Sato Implant Angle Monitor System of MC3-II MC
Shiro Ninomiya Non-Uniform Dose Mapping Controlled by Modulated Vertical and Horizontal Scans MC,HC
Makoto Sano Accurate Dose Control with Pressure Compensation System on Single-Wafer Ion Implanters HC

2006 IIT

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Keio University Formation of ultra shallow junctions less than 10nm with the combination of low energy B ion implantation and laser annealing HC
Emi Oga Reduction of the Wafer Pattern Damage on the Batch-type High Current Ion Implanters HC
Noriyuki Suetsugu Implant Angle Deviation Reduction in Batch-Type High Energy Implanter HE
Yuji Kikuchi Profile and Angle Measurement System of SHX HC

2004 IIT

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Hirohiko Murata Hydrogen reduction on non-analyzed Implantation system FPD
Toshiharu Suzuki Flat Panel Display-Impurity doping technology for flat panel displays- FPD
Norishige Suetsugu Self-Adjustability of Plasma Shower under a Bunched High-Energy Beam Condition HE
Hisaki Izutani Evaluation of several implanted wafers to extend the applicable temperature range of the REAL method HC application
Genshu Fuse Electrical Characteristics Change though Difference of Crystal Damage induced by Various Implant Conditions HC, MC

2002 IIT

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Mitsuaki Harada Stability Improvement of Therma-Wave Signal by Pre-Annealing MC
Masateru Sato Introducing the ORion II NV7392 Flat Panel Ion Doping System FPD
G.Luckman F.Sato M.Sano Precision Halo Control with Antimony and Indium on Axcelis Medium Current Ion Implanters MC
Makoto Sano Plasma Electron Flood for a Scanned Beam Implanter MC
Mitsukuni Tsukihara Introducing the LEX / LEX3, New Low Energy High Current Implanters HC
Makoto Sano Dose Monitoring of Heavy Ion Implantation by Therma-Wave Signal MC

2000 IIT

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Noriyuki Suetsugu Energy accuracy and control method of the NV-GSD-HE HE
Makoto Sano Dose Control Accuracy in Pressure Compensation HC, HE
Hiroki Murooka Energy Contamination Control System in Deceleration Beam Line HC
Takao Morita Cross-Contamination Reduction by Beam Cleaning HC
Hiroshi Kawaguchi Monitoring System of Silicon Coating Thickness of Disk HC
Hiroshi Kawaguchi Wafer Charge Monitoring by Disk Current HC
Hiroyuki Kariya Energy enhancement on NV-GSD-HE HE

1998 IIT

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Hiroyuki Kariya Automatic Generation of Pressure Compensation Factors HC
Tohru Murakami Beam Tuning with Continuously Variable Aperture HE
Mitsukuni Tukihara Automatic LINAC Parameter Generation HE
Makoto Sano Monitoring System of Reliability and Repeatability of Pressure Compensation HC
I.Jonoshita ELS2:Extended Life Source with Dual Cathode HE
Junnichi Murakami NV-GSD-HC3 300mm High Current Ion Implantation System HC
Michiro Sugitani Introducing the NV-GSD-HE3, A New High Energy Implanter HE
Oliver F.Campbell M.Sugitani Introducing theMC3 Medium Current 300mm Implanter MC

1996 IIT

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P.Splinter S.Hirokawa In-situ Ion Beam Profiling by Fast Scan Sampling HC
E.K.McIntyre M.Sugitani Purity of Low Energy Beams in R. F. Linear Accelerator Based Implanters HE

1994 IIT

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Junnichi Murakami Compact High Current Ion Implantation System HC

1992 IIT

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Frank Sinclair T.Tamai Multiple Twist Implants: Channeling Avoidance with Full Symmetry HC,HE
Tadamoto Tamai NV-GSD-A High Current Ion Implantation System HC

1990 IIT

Author Title Related l/l
Tadamoto Tamai Mechanically scanned ion implanters with two-axis disk tilt capability HC,HE

1988 IIT

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Keiji Okada The NV-10SD High-current Ion Implantation system HC
T.Higuchi A Wafer Charge-up-reducing system of a High-current Ion Implanter HC

IWJT / International Workshop of Junction Technology

IWJT 2014

Author Title Related l/l
Genshu Fuse Significant Roles of Ultra-High Energy Ion Implanter for High Performance Image Sensing Devices HE
Yoji Kawasaki Monitoring of W Accumulation in Ion Implanter Beam Line Utilizing Portable XRF Instrument MC application

IWJT 2011

Author Title Related l/l
Genshu Fuse Feasibility Study of Plasma Doping using B2H6 and PH3 Shallow Junction PD
Shiro Ninomiya Advanced Yield-Growth Method: MIND+(plus) System MC, HC
Shiro Ninomiya New Combination of Damage Control Techniques Using SEN’s Single-wafer Implanters HC

IWJT 2009

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Shiro Ninomiya Vth Control by Halo Implantation using the SEN’s MIND system MC

IWJT 2008

Author Title Related l/l
Hisaki Izutani COO Reduction on Polysilicon Gate Doping by Beam Current Increase on Batch-Type Implanters HC
Shiro Ninomiya Controlled Dose-Modulated Ion Implantation on Serial Implanters MC, HC

IWJT 2007

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Makoto Sano Accurate Dose Control in High Pressure Condition on Medium Current Ion Implanters MC
Genshu Fuse Requirements of the Low Energy Boron Halo Implantation for the Next Generation of LOP/LSTP Devices MC

Academic Conference

Author Title Related l/l
Toshiharu Suzuki Precise Ion Implantation for Advanced MOS LSIs HC
Genshu Fuse; SEN Momentum Transfer Implantation for Sidewall Doping of FinFET’s PD,HC
Michiro Sugitani Ion Implantation Technology and Ion Sources MC, HC, HE
Genshu Fuse Fundamental Ion Implantation Technologies for Image Sensor Devises MC, HC, HE
John O. Borland Michiro Sugitani Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) Formation of Localized High Quality and Mobility Ge & SiGe by High Dose Ge-Implantation with Laser Melt Annealing for 10nm and 7nm Node CMOS Technology HC
Genshu Fuse Fundamentals of Ion Implantation Technologies for Image Sensing Devices MC, HC, HE

Related Presentations

Author Title Related l/l
S.Shibata; Panasonic Evaluation of High Dose Ion Implantation by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry HC
Yoji Kawasaki; Renesas The Angle Control within a Wafer in High-Energy Implanter of Batch Type HE
Hirokazu Sayama; Renesas 55nm Gate CMOS Technology using Sub-keV Ion Implantation HC
Kenji Yoneda; Panasonic The Drain Current Asymmetry of 130 nm MOSFET’s due to Extension Implant Shadowing Originated by Mechanical Angle Error in High Current Implanter HC
J.O.Borland; JOB Latest Advances In Ion Implantation & Annealing for Gate and Channel (USJ) Doping Optimization HC
Emi Kanasaki; Panasonic Implant Damage Evaluation at High Energy and Low Dose Ion Implantation using White Defect of CCD Image Sensor HE


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Toshibaru Suzuki Flat Panel Displays for Ubiquitous Product Applications and Related Impurity Doping Technologies FPD


Japan meeting

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布施玄秀 ダメージ形成の注入条件依存性とその電気特性への影響 HC, MC
田中勝(招待講演) プラズマドーピングのメカニズムとFinFET向けアプリケーション PD
二宮史郎(招待講演) MIND+システム:半導体デバイス歩留まり向上イオン注入技術 MC, HC
川崎洋司 イメージセンサデバイスにおけるイオン注入 MC, HC, HE


Author Title Related l/l
二宮史郎 「MINDシステム-先端半導体デバイス歩留まり向上注入技術」2010年SHI技報173 HC, MC
室岡博樹 パワーデバイスへのイオン注入 2010年 HC, HE
布施玄秀 低エネルギーでのスループットや角度精度などの課題 課題を解決しているイオン注入装置 2008年 HC
布施玄秀 半導体技術の進化 第3章 General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊2009イオン注入装置 General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊2008イオン注入装置 General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊2004イオン注入装置 General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊2003イオン注入装置 General
SEN イオン注入装置LEX/LEX3/MC3/HE/HE3/HC3-180 General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊2002イオン注入装置 General
SEN LEX住友イートンノバ General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊2001イオン注入装置 General
月原光圀 高エネルギーイオン注入装置 HE
徳永謙二; ルネサス 鈴木良守; 日新 電子材料別冊1997イオン注入装置 General
篠塚則保; NEC 電子材料別冊1996イオン注入装置 General
村上純一 椛沢光昭 日高義朝 電子材料「次世代対応高電流イオン注入装置」 HC
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊1995イオン注入装置 General
布施玄秀 電子材料別冊1993イオン注入装置 General
布施玄秀 ここまで来たイオン注入技術 General


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Noriyuki Takahashi Semi Forum JAPAN2007 Jun. HC
布施玄秀 “イオン注入技術のイノベーション研究から実用化まで”(2008年5月) HC
布施玄秀 “次世代枚葉式イオン注入装置” 布施 2007年2月23日プレスジャーナル主催半導体シンポジウム HC
布施玄秀 “90nm~65nmに向けたイオン注入装置の最新動向”(2003年11月) 第65回VLSIフォーラムセミナー General

SEN private seminar

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布施玄秀 2002セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から HC,MC,HE
布施玄秀 2003セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から HC,MC,HE
布施玄秀 2004セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から HC,MC,HE
布施玄秀 2005セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から HC,MC,HE
布施玄秀 2006セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から HC,MC,HE
伊藤正己 2007セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー イオン注入装置 MC,HC,HE
布施玄秀 2007セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から(2) HC
布施玄秀 2007セミコンJapan SENプライベートセミナー 各種イオン注入の話題から(1) MC, HE